Integration made easy with the IDE

We know that you know that the platform is a powerful place to implement your cloud computing applications.  But, the world being what it is, sometimes you have to integrate your applications and data with other systems.

Ace developer Edwin Khodabakchian recently blogged about how easy it was for him to access data in the data store, with the help of the IDE.  Edwin was able to go from zero (knowledge of the platform) to integration hero in less that 3 hours!  He used Apex code and Visualforce to quickly create a data extract ready to roll in a JSON format. 

Edwin was impressed with the high level of data abstraction, which makes data access quick and easy, as well as the ability to immediately see the results of his work, a standard feature of the environment.

Edwin did it, and so can you!

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  • Andreas Hofmann

    How can I expose data from Salesforce to unauthenticated/anonymous users?
    I want to expose a web service from Salesforce so people/external apps (without a Salesforce account!) can invoke the web service to feed data into Salesforce or get data out of Salesforce. How does this work?
    What’s the best way to go about this requirement?
    Is it possible to expose anonymous web services?
    …or do I need to create a user in Salesforce for the external application?