More Developer Challenge Goodness – Embedded Polls

A Developer Challenge application to create simple polls that can be embedded on any web site.

A fee weeks back I blogged about a nice Sites online shop. Well, Ritesh Gupta hasn’t rested on his laurels, and has produced another great submission – Poll.

Poll allows you to create polls, which you can then embed on your web site. Try it out. Here, for example, is a (rather bad!) poll I put together, which I’ve embedded with the auto-generated iframe code from Ritesh’s app:

It also makes good use of the Google Visualization API to display the results. Check out this wiki page for help on doing something similar.

The deadline for submission is January 30 – there’s still time to eek something out! Check out the developer challenge page (which has a nice new banner!) for all the details, and drop by the developer challenge discussion board if you have any problems.

January 22, 2009

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More Developer Challenge Goodness – Embedded Polls