Home Page Components

I am Cloudforce in Santa Clara today doing some just in time proof of concepts for a customer. Aside from the fact that the platform shines in such just in time configuration, I am constantly amazed by the speed of new features available. 

To give you an idea, here is a (paraphrased) snippet of how our conversation went:

Customer: "Yes, I understand custom buttons, but what I really want is a graphical button on my home tab to take agents direct to tab X"

Quinton: "Sure a new feature in Salesforce.com is home page components. You can create links that can go to any URL, either within the app, or to a remote application on the web."

Customer: "But my agents need something big, and catching. I want them to see it as the first thing they see when they log on."

Quinton "Well you can create a custom component called a HTML Area. Let's try adding an image (I used a remote image directly from the web to save time), make it a link and see what happens"

Within less time than it took me to find an image on the net, I had written a snippet of HTML, linked it to a tab in my app, and delivered exactly what the customer required, all from within the foyer of the conference.
Now that is on demand customer success!