Spring ’10 Release Preview Webinar

Spring '10 is coming. Learn all about it. Platform as well as Apps. In two different time zones as well!

A new release is coming soon – Spring ’10. This means that you, as a developer or a customer, will have a bunch of new features available. Learn about these features by attending the Spring ’10 Release Preview Webinars.

A webinar with two halves

The webinar is split between the platform, as well as the Sales & Service Clouds. You can attend either half, or both if that suits. If you’re a hard core developer, developing custom apps, then the platform webinar is the one for you. If you use products, then you probably want to attend the second webinar instead.

Why attend

Do you want to know what new features are coming down the line in Spring ’10, and how those features can help you build better applications, faster? Take for example multi-level master-detail relationships—which could let you create far richer data models, while at the same time simplifying reports. There’s a load of additional features – but of course I can’t share that with you yet 😉 Attend the webinar to find out about all of them and how they can help you use apps, be more production, and/or build better applications.

Americas/Europe & Asia Pacific and the webinar timezones

We’re holding the webinars at two different time zones on January 19: 10 AM PST for Americas and Europe, as well as 8:30 PM PST for the Asia Pacific Region. Find out what time it is where you are relative to PST here.

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January 5, 2010

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