Spring ’10 Release Preview Features – Check ’em out

Aggregate functions in SOQL, DOM Parsing, extended HTTP Callouts, Rich Text Editor....

Wow, I’m psyched by the new features in the Spring ’10 release preview. Check out our Spring ’10 Release Preview Page and see for yourself. There are so many things that grab me – from the small to the large. Here’s a small one to start things off – “starts with a vowel sound”! I found that while creating a new object:
New Custom Object ~ salesforce.com - Unlimited Edition.png
I’m guessing that’s going go be used in the automatically generated user interface.

Then there’s the rich text support driven off a new field type:

Widget Edit_ hey there! ~ salesforce.com - Unlimited Edition.png

One of my favourites is XML DOM parsing. Actually no, it’s probably the aggregate functions. Hmm, or the multi-level master detail relationships. Oh my!

Did I mention that collection limits have been removed?

Check them all out for yourself.

January 13, 2010

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Spring ’10 Release Preview Features – Check ’em out