Using Twitter Lists to stay current on news

Twitter Lists provides a great way to stay on top of news. Here are a few I set up to get you started

If you are anything like me and spend way too much time in the twitterverse tracking the pulse of what ever it is you are interested (hopefully something more than checking out what Ashton Kutcher had for breakfast this morning!) you may noticed the great new(ish)  feature to organize tweets based on interest, called Lists

I put together a very quick Salesforce News related lists which you may find useful to follow to keep up to date with the various Salesforce related tweets. Jon, also has one set up for interesting tweets on 

Try following these two lists for a start. I will surely add more in the coming weeks (hmmm ok days…..well fine, probably the next hour or so if I can stop reading Ashton's tweets.), as I try to consolidate some of the best developers twitter has to offer. As I do, I would love to know of any you recommend. As always, there is wisdom in them thar clouds!

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Using Twitter Lists to stay current on news