Chatter Dev Zone – “That’s the real experience”

Whoa— what a morning it has been. We just completed two 'sold out' Chatter Developer Preview webinars. The presenters, Dave Carroll and John Dismore, were great, the questions were insightful, and the demo's rocked. Make sure you take the time to check out the Chatter Developer Homepage for up to date information, including recorded webinars which will be posted soon.

And that was all before the Chatter Dev Zone opened up! 

One of the great things that I love about Salesforce, and cloud computing in general, is that unlike other models where you get all fired up to get your hands on the new technology only to be disappointed when you release you have to wait for it to be rolled out/made available/posted to an ftp site/etc…, provisioning is immediate. Within a few minutes of opening up the Chatter Dev Zone—a shared Chatter-enabled Salesforce org—we had hundreds of Developers using Chatter. As community member, Jeff Grosse, said to me this morning: "Chatter dev org is going to ROCK! That's the real experience that people need to really grasp the app and possibilities"

I couldn't have said it better.

On the Chatter Developer Homepage, you will also find a new article titled, Chatter Code Recipes, which covers seven of the most common functions a developer may want to do when first customizing and extending their own Chatter instance. I tried to make this article code heavy and text light, and continue the idea, as Jeff said, "to really grasp the app."  Read the article, download the Chatter Bubbles sample app, use the components and examples included, and get creative. (if you would prefer to see the recipes in action, you can also check out the video here). I would love to get your feedback on these recipes, and whether making more components available would be beneficial.

For me, after a very early start, and a whirlwind morning, I'm going to spend some time chatting with fellow developers. For those of you who attended todays webinars, and were provided access to the Chatter Dev Zone. I have a challenge for you: can you figure out what relevance my Chatter profile image has to the cloud?

Happy Chatting!

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  • I am looking forward to using Chatter in the Dev Zone in some creative ways, it’s going to be interesting.
    I agree, the presentations were excellent and informative. It wrapped up a whole lot of hearsay into one concise hour of awesomeness!

  • Awesomeness – what an awesome word. 🙂

  • “Within a few minutes of opening up the Chatter Dev Zone”, where does one login to this?

  • Is there some way into the shared environment that was mentioned in the webinar?
    Need more awesomeness…

  • Thanks. That link said chatter preview was full earlier.
    Now let’s see if chatter is rawesome (ridiculously awesome) :-).