Developer Day, Hackathon, and Session Presentations now available

The day is unwinding at this years Developer Conference in San Jose. Time to chill out and bang out some code at the hackathon with the gang, plus download the presentations from the Build and Deploy a Free Cloud App track!

It is a little past 6pm in San Jose, the Developer Conference has moved into my favorite part of the day: the Hackathon. The vibe is mellow, the energy is high, and the prizes are big. I'm sitting in a big comfortable cloud-like beanbag watching all the developers coding away. It is a great time to reflect on the days events, and chat to the regular developers (some of which are in the pic below. – can you find them?)


I spent  most of my day running the Build And Deploy A Free Cloud App track. The room was packed, and everyone was heads down. We moved at a fast pace and despite some provisioning hurdles we managed to deploy our app at the end of the third session. Big thanks to those folks who worked throughout the sessions to get their apps live. Richard, and Scott, the presenters for session 1 and 2 respectively, did a great job working with the attendees, as did the staffers on the floor. Most of all, however, the attendees rocked! 


For those who did not manage to make the sessions, don't forget, each session was supported by a detailed article, and I have attached the presentations to this post below:

Session 1 Presentation: Requirements Gathering, Data Models and Formula Fields

Session 2 Presentation: Custom Logic and UI with Apex and Visualforce

Session 3 Presentation: QA and Deployment

For now, it's time to relax, and bang out some code. If today's events where anything to go by, Dreamforce is going to be HUGE.

Happy hacking!

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Developer Day, Hackathon, and Session Presentations now available