October 13: Dallas Force.com Developer Meetup

Yes, it is time for us to bring the Force.com Developer Meetup
Home_convenience to the Lone Star State. We will be in Dallas on October 13, starting at 6:00 p.m. at the CHG Cityplace Conference Center.

This event lets you learn and explore the Force.com platform, as well as
learn how to develop with Chatter, the new collaboration feature on
Force.com. You’ll also get a chance to meet our evangelists and tech
experts. We'll supply food, drinks, and an opportunity for you to enter
into a random drawing to win 1 of 2 iPod touches!

Track 1: Intro to Force.com Workshop with a hands-on lab  (bring your laptop)
For those new to Force.com, this track will get you
up and building apps in the cloud in no time. The track first introduces
you to the Force.com platform and then turns it over to you to create
your first cloud app via step-by-step tutorials.

Track 2: Learn to Develop Custom Chatter Apps with a hands-on lab
(bring your laptop)

This track will introduce Chatter from a developer
perspective. It will describe the Chatter data model, and demonstrate
how Chatter may be customized, walking through code examples on
performing the most common Chatter development scenarios such as
updating a user’s status, listing followers and subscribers, and working
with profile images.

Since seating is limited, save your seat by registering today!

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  • Ozzy

    Hi everyone. I’m interested in becoming a developer but don’t have any developer experience in my background (I’ve just recently taken an Intro to HTML course, but that’s it). I’m a SFDC Admin and I’m thinking about attending this event. I’m just not sure if the material will be over my head.
    Is it advisable to start attending events like this now, or should I wait until I have more exposure to code writing/developing under my belt (i.e. more advanced courses)? Any advise will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • Kavindra

    The Track 1 will be ideal for you. The few set of tutorials should be easy for you since you already use salesforce.com as an Admin. Also, we will have experts that can step by step guide you through the remaining tutorials. We welcome all SFDC Admins to attend, as this session will be a great growth path for them. Do let your peers know as they might be in the same boat as you.
    See you there!

  • Ozzy

    Awesome! Thanks for the reply Kavindra. I really appreciate it.