Tweet for Cloudforce London. Get Free stuff!

Have some fun at Cloudforce London with the Developerforce team, and get some free stuff!

 Are you coming to Cloudforce London on September 8th? If you are, and have a Twitter handle (or is that a wing?) why not join in some fun. Jon Mountjoy and I will be wandering around talking with developers, soaking the vibe, and also blogging and tweeting. We are going to be occasionally tweeting our location, and maybe a question or two. If you retweet this, we will be giving away some cool free T-shirts to the first 5 people who find us in that location.

Now here is where the fun really begins…. at the end of the day Jon and I will find one person wearing the t-shirt and award them a special prize! 

So, join the fun: 

1. follow forcedotcom on Twitter.

2. Repost our tweet on Sept 9th.

3. Find Jon and I at the designated time and place (as identified in the tweet)

4. Get your t-shirt, and wear it all day (and the after party if you are a hipster). Aside from the envy of your peers, you also get a chance to win a special prize….

Tweet on! See you in London!!