Developer Meetup in Atlanta!

Gordon_Biersch_Brewery_Restaurant,_Midtown_Atlanta_GA The crew is heading to Atlanta next Thursday January 27th,  (I hope the ice is gone!) for our first developer meetup of 2011. And we are taking the southern feel to heart with a laid back informal event held at the Gordon Beirsch Brewery Restaurant. Dave, Josh and I will be there along with Katie from 6:30pm-9:30pm. 

If you are in town, come join us for some good food, great beer, awesome conversation, and plenty of cloud collaboration. Space at these events often fills up quickly. Register now to reserve your space!

See you in ATL!


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  • Its the same day as the architecture workshop which would be during the daytime.

  • Yep, it sure is! It’s going to be a fun day.

  • Sfdc admin

    Is the architecture workshop related to

  • The workshops focus on the platform, and building custom apps. We will not be using any of the applications such as CRM etc.

  • Fgwarb

    Thanks for the event! And to the person who asked “Can you write to the CampaignMemberStatus table?”, the answer is yes.

  • Fgwarb, glad you enjoyed the event, and huge kudos to you for following up on the force.trivia questions from last night. Now that’s community contribution! We are all looking forward to our next visit!!