New Chatter objects in Winter ’12

Winter '12 introduces a few new objects into the Chatter data model, designed to make building your own Social Enterprise even easier.

It is scary to think that I have been building Chatter apps before it was made GA, and I am still learning little tricks to help customize the Social Enterprise. With the increasing importance of the Social Enterprise, it is not surprising to see some additions to the Chatter data model to power conversations in the cloud. Here’s a quick run down of the new Chatter-related objects available in Winter ’12.


ChatterActivity represents the number of posts and comments made by a user and the number of comments and likes on posts received by the same user.


Represents a private conversation in Chatter, consisting of messages that conversation members have sent or received.


Represents a member of a private conversation in Chatter. A member has either sent messages to or received messages from other conversation participants.


Represents a message sent as part of a private conversation in Chatter.


September 14, 2011

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New Chatter objects in Winter ’12