I’m in Florida today speaking with a bunch of folks at a Developer Workshop. Early in the morning our conversations typically revolve around the Social Enterprise, and mobile devices changing the way we use the web (and, let’s face it, live our lives). If you have been keeping up with date with some of the mobile enhancements we have been working with Force.com, you will know about the Mobile SDK. If you haven’t checked it out yet, the SDK provides native wrapper for Android and iOS developers to securely access the Force.com platform. In addition, the SDK also provides a container for building Hybrid apps – html5 based apps that can access local device features such as local contacts, camera etc. and connect to Force.com.

With Spring ’12, the mobile SDK is now generally available. To support their release, we have updated the Getting Started guides, and working on some more tutorials and workbooks. My favorite aspect of the new SDKs however, is that they are open-source projects hosted on GitHub. This means that if you have issues, or feature requests, you can help us shape the direction of the SDK (my favorite is a block-based interface request we are currently rolling into the SDK)

If you are looking at how to get started developing mobile apps for Force.com, check out this great overview session from Dreamforce, and then jump into one the Getting Started guides.

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