Cloud Trivia Summer Lovin’

Summer ‘12 is around the corner and we know you’ve been busy reading up on the latest and greatest for developers in the release. We hope you’ve done your homework since we’ll be hosting the Summer ‘12 edition of our popular Cloud Trivia on Wednesday.

The best way to catch up is to register for the Summer ‘12 Release Developer Preview webinar on Wednesday 5/16 at 7am & 10am PDT.

After the webinar, pop over to our Facebook Page where we’ll be posting the questions.  Fabulous prizes await you!

First to answer each question correctly will get a stylin’ T-shirt. Each first person to respond to a question correctly will also be entered into the drawing to win a Jambox Jawbone!*

Trivia Theme – Summer 12?
Here are some resources to bring you up to speed.

Game on!

* There are legal restrictions.

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  • One of these dates aren’t matching up…this page says the webinar is on 6/13 and the webinar page says its on May 16

    • Lauren Grau

      Thanks, updated to 5/16!