Perhaps you noticed in yesterday’s newsletter the small blurb slipped into the top story about the upcoming developer challenge? Well, we’re making sure you don’t miss the opportunity to participate in next month’s Mobile-themed Developer Challenge. We’ll be officially announcing the parameters around the challenge and competition next week, but I wanted to write a quick bit about it now so you can gird yourself to win the fabulous prizes we’ll be offering up (as always).

Here are a few things you can do to make sure you hit the ground running next week when we launch the challenge:

Once you’re launched, an additional resource is the Developer Discussion boards Mobile forum.
That’s it! Keep watching this space to find out next week what the challenge entails.


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  • Abhinav Gupta

    Hope you guys open challenges for everyone in world.

    • Dana Le

      So far we have US, UK, Canada and India approved. Our legal team is working to allow us to include EU countries as well.

  • Roella Arellano

    Very interesting and nicely wrote! How I wish I am able for this LOL! But I think I am so noob for this challenge lol.

    Application development