Tom Gersic on the Mobile SDK’s SmartStore

Snuck into the office of Model Metrics to talk SmartStore with Tom Gersic before his upcoming webinar with Shawna Wolverton on Painless Mobile Applications. Check out the interview and some more details on how SmartStore works to keep your offline data encrypted for your mobile applications.

I managed to sneak out of my secured bunker in Chicago (read: a study about the size of a small closet) and back into the lofty offices of Model Metrics (read: that part’s actually true, their offices are very nice) to grab Tom Gersic to talk briefly about SmartStore in the Mobile SDK:


Learn more about SmartStore

Register now for next week’s webinar with Tom and Shawna to see more about developing a mobile application with cloud-based data that is completely secure from the cloud to the ground.  Read Tom’s recent post on SmartStore over at the Model Metrics blog, or Sandeep’s offline data post on for more detail on the technology.

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