Ready, Set, Go! Launching Nine India Sub-Continent Salesforce Platform Developer User Groups

With cloud computing being top of mind for developers in the Indian subcontinent , we are seeing large groups of developers jumping on board to learn about building next generation apps on the Salesforce Platform. The excitement is building up  news with local developer community leaders identifying themselves to lead Salesforce Platform Developer User Groups in Bangalore, New Delhi, Sri Lanka, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Kochi and Chennai.

Are you an individual developer who is interested in building apps on the Salesforce Platform, wants to dive deep into the Salesforce Platform or would like build your future career on the Salesforce Platform? Become a member today and join us for our regular meetups. You will have the opportunity to learn, share and contribute through tech talks, demos, discussions and hacks on,, Heroku and Last but not least, you will have the opportunity to hang with other members with common interests.

Get started by joining one of the following the user group near you. If you’re interested in starting one in your area, contact us and we’ll help you get the ball rolling.

Bangalore – Sunil Murthy

New Delhi – Saurabh Pandey

Pune – Hemanshu Shah

Sri LankaChamil Madusanka

Jaipur – Ankit Arora

Mumbai – Roshan Sahatiya

Kochi – Shivanath Devinarayanan

Hyderabad – Naga Kiran

Chennai – Karanraj Sankaranarayanan

Official Salesforce Student’s User Group-India  – Sagar Pareek

Click here to learn about all developer user groups globally.

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  • This is great!!!

  • minkesh patel

    Hello Chamil, How to join this group and how this group will be helpfull to us ?

  • Vinod Kumar Tomar

    This is great initiative for Salesforce community in India

  • great invite . How to join this group ?

  • Hello Naga Kiran, How to join this group and how this group will be helpfull to us ?

  • @minkesh
    You can find the group list from following link.

    Join with the group which is from your area. The goal of the user group program is to build an enthusiastic, self-sustaining community that enables members to be more successful with Salesforce, and helps to build an army of heroes willing to give testimony to success in the cloud. provides tools, which allow leaders to manage their meetings, members and all communications. There is also a library of content that can be used at meetings. They also help leaders to recruit members for their groups and find meeting speakers when requested. If leaders need additional support, they do everything we can to assist

  • Prasanth Reddy

    How to join this group…Please Share the Info..