Monthly Archives: October 2012

Cloudforce Atlanta for Developers

Cloudforce is arriving to Atlanta on November 1 at the Georgia World Congress Center  and we have something in store for all developer in Atlanta.  I encourage you to register today and take advantage of this free event that will cover the latest in technology from Start your day by attending the 10:00 a.m. Cloudforce […]

Create Animated Charts with Visualforce

Looking to use the new Visualforce Charting types now that its generally available? This article contains code walkthroughs, pictures, and links to other full examples on developerforce and GitHub. Check out these examples of all of the new chart types as well as a JavaScript remoting example for advanced rendering capabilities! Canvas Webinar – October 31st

It seems like just the other day that we launched Canvas, the amazing new technology to allow any app, in any language to run within the Salesforce UI. Since this time, we have launched a pilot program and enabled every new Developer Edition org to take advantage of Canvas. Next week, on October 31st, we are hosting an introduction webinar to make it even easier to get started.

MVP Nominations being considered!

Hi all, you know we solicit nominations from time to time, and right now is a great time for you to send me your nomination for MVP. We tend to keep our secrets close to the chest here, but I thought a little transparency to our selection criteria would be enlightening for you all […]

Call Routing with the Twilio Library for Salesforce

Earlier today I presented a session at TwilioCon: 'Twilio and Salesforce: Building SMS and Voice into', covering two simple Twilio/ integrations: SMS lead generation and call routing. Since I blogged the SMS lead generation sample back in April, here is the call routing case.

Ace! Salesforce ERD Data Models Discovered

Chatter REST API Data Model

Every once in a while you uncover a Salesforce documentation gem that makes you feel like you've aced Roger Federer at Wimbledon. Just happened!

Oct 19: Free Code Consultation Sign-ups for Cloudforce NY

Since the Code Consultations at Dreamforce ’12 were jam packed, I have decided to make the Code Consultations part of the Developer Zone at Cloudforce NY on October 19. The consultation will provide you help architecting or coding your application, as well as get technical help with building applications in the cloud. Reserve you private 1-on-1 code […]

Testing HTTP Callouts with Static Data in Winter ’13

One of the most eagerly awaited Winter '13 features, at least for developers, has been the ability to test Apex callouts. In this blog entry, I look at how you can mock up callout responses using data in static resources.

68 Shiny New Apex String Methods in Winter ’13

The Winter '13 release adds 68 methods to the Apex String class. Every Apex developer should study them in detail - they will improve performance, make your code more readable and consume fewer script statements. This blog entry details a selection of the new methods.

All the Great Dreamforce ’12 Developer Content at Your Fingertips

Developers @ Dreamforce

OK developers, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for … Dreamforce ‘12 developer content is now available online! Watch recordings, download slides, fork code, and more.