1000 Questions on the Salesforce StackExchange Q&A Site!

The last time I blogged about the Salesforce StackExchange Q&A site was back in August, when it moved into its public beta. Nearly three months on, while still officially in beta status, the site has gone from strength to strength, passing 1000 questions yesterday. If you’ve used Stack Overflow, Salesforce StackExchange will be very familiar – it’s built on the same platform, with users voting on questions and answers, and building reputation accordingly.

Perhaps more impressive than the 1000+ questions and 850+ registered users is the fact that 96% of questions have at least one answer with an upvote. These range from a simple question on speeding up unit tests (with several excellent answers!) to the possibilities of calling the Metadata API from Apex (one of the answers including a link to the open source Apex Wrapper for Salesforce Metadata API project).

So, if you have a Salesforce-related question that’s bugging you, whether it’s clicks or code, hop over to Salesforce StackExchange and post it there – you have a 96% chance of getting a great answer!

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  • Any advice on when to use this versus Salesforce Answers Community?

    • That’s a great question, Jake. As a developer, I’m familiar with the Stack Overflow model, and prefer Salesforce StackExchange, but I know Answers has a dedicated community of admins and developers. I would say “Try both, and use whichever suits you better”.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for writing this up Pat! We hit 1000 questions around the same time as we hit 100 days in beta 🙂 It’s already proving itself to be a valuable resource IMO.

  • One good think about stackexchange is answers to questions are very quick and almost 96% we are sure we get proper answers.The comments and discussion makes it easy to get proper design pattern