Winter ’13 Tweet Chat Q&A with Salesforce Product Managers

Join Salesforce Product Managers for a Tweet Chat on November 14, 9:00am PT to learn about Winter '13's new capabilities in, and Use the hashtag #Winter13QA and get your questions answered by our experts.

The Winter ‘13 release is packed with highly anticipated features for the Salesforce Platform. Join Salesforce Product Managers and Developer Evangelists on Twitter November 14, 9:00am PT to learn about the new capabilities in, and Use the hashtag #Winter13QA and get your questions answered by the experts behind these products.

When? Wednesday, November 14th, 9:00 – 9:30 AM PT
Where? Follow @forcedotcom on Twitter and use the #Winter13QA hashtag when posting a question

Highlights of new features in Winter ’13 include:

  • Canvas (pilot) – Allows you to create apps in any language, on any cloud app platform and easily and securely integrate them with
  • Connected Applications (pilot) – Allows web and mobile apps to connect to Salesforce through the open standard OAuth, adding additional levels of enterprise controlled authorization and policy to be enforced by Administrators.
  • Visualforce Charting – Provides powerful visual analytics capabilities that allow you to easily chart all your Salesforce and non-Salesforce data.
  • Visual Workflow – Makes it easy for Salesforce administrators to visually manage large and sophisticated flows with features such as Search and Zoom in the Cloud Flow Designer.
  • Geolocation – Allows you to store location-based information, perform calculations on it, and make geospatial data part of your online business processes.
  • Push Major Upgrades – ISVs can push major release upgrades to their subscribers and distribute new capabilities more quickly, keeping the installed base current with compliance and security requirements.
  • Organization-Wide Permission Sets – Administrators can now create and assign permission sets regardless of the license assigned to a user’s profile, reducing the total number of permission sets and making it easy to track and manage them.
  • Salesforce Org Manager – Manage all of your orgs including those for staging, testing, patch, production, and license management, all in one place.
  • Page Breadcrumbs – Helps visitors navigate your website by showing visitors the site map-based path from the current page back to the home page.
  • Site Map Links – Add internal or external URL elements to your site map, allowing your visitors to go anywhere directly -on your site or elsewhere on the Web.
  • API and APEX Code enhancements

The following Product Managers and Developer Relations team members will be at your disposal:

Shawna Wolverton [Twitter] [LinkedIn]
Eric Wilson [LinkedIn]
Alex Toussaint [Twitter] [LinkedIn]
Adam Torman [Twitter] [LinkedIn]
Darayush Mistry [Twitter] [LinkedIn]
Josh Kaplan [Twitter] [LinkedIn]
Shannon Hale [Twitter] [LinkedIn]
Jonathan Bruce [Twitter] [LinkedIn]
Matthew Baier [LinkedIn]
Quinton Wall [Twitter] [LinkedIn]
Sandeep Bhanot [Twitter] [LinkedIn]
Josh Birk [Twitter] [LinkedIn]
Dave Carroll [Twitter] [LinkedIn]
John Stevenson [Twitter] [LinkedIn]
Samantha Ready [Twitter] [LinkedIn]

We look forward to welcoming you on November 14th!

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Winter ’13 Tweet Chat Q&A with Salesforce Product Managers