Tweets of the Week (12/07/12)

Here our some of our favorite tweets of past week from the developer community. Follow @forcedotcom to keep up with these characters!
The Superman and the Spiderman of the whole webinar – Streaming API – @forcedotcom #forcewebinar – Yes the crowd is going wild – wow !!
— Abhishek S (@abhisheksubbu) December 5, 2012
Will be adding transient fields to some of my apex controllers in the very near future. Great advise. #forcewebinar @forcedotcom

— Daniel Goodwin (@dcgoodwin2112) December 5, 2012
.@forcedotcom Dude I love #bingo. Especially if developers are involved. But watch out. I’ve been “developing” my… Continue reading

Building the Dreamforce Scavenger Hunt Mobile App


The first in a series of blog posts describing how the Dreamforce scavenger hunt mobile application (Cloud Hunter) was built using the Salesforce Touch Platform and the Mobile SDK. This post covers the use case, application architecture and the Visualforce/Apex codebase for Cloud Hunter. Continue reading