We’ve been covering the Salesforce Stack Exchange Q&A site since July, when we wrote about the initial proposal, through its public beta launch a few weeks later, to its 1000th question in November. Now, Salesforce Stack Exchange has hit another major milestone, reaching 1000 users.

Stack Exchange, if you haven’t heard of it before now, is a network of community-supported Q&A sites, covering a variety of topics, from theoretical computer science to homebrewing. The network has its roots in the widely used Stack Overflow programming Q&A site, and there is a process via which anyone can propose a new site at Area 51. Matt Lacey, a Salesforce MVP and Force.com developer based in Melbourne, Australia, set the ball rolling on Salesforce Stack Exchange with his proposal back in January 2012, and, over the next few months, it gained the necessary momentum to proceed to its beta phase in August.

Although the site still wears its ‘beta’ tag, it’s become an essential resource for Force.com developers the world over. Questions run the gamut of the Salesforce administrator/developer experience from ‘What is the best way to administer objects, fields and workflows?‘ via ‘How should I build test methods for Visualforce Controller Extensions‘ to ‘What’s the best gem for calling into a Salesforce org from a Ruby on Rails app?‘, with well over 90% of questions receiving an answer.

So, whether you’re an old hand with Apex and Visualforce, or you’re just getting started administering your first Salesforce org, add Salesforce Stack Exchange to your bookmarks and give it a try next time you’re stumped!

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