Backbone.js Turns 1.0 Today – Congratulations!

It’s great to see technologies evolve and mature, particularly in the open source world, where it’s not uncommon to see version 0.x.y of a project in wide use, months or even years before version 1.0 is released. So it has been with Backbone.js, as JavaScript developers have leveraged Backbone’s model/view/presenter framework to build a huge number of applications over the past two and a half years.

So, congratulations, @jashkenas and everyone who has invested their effort in Backbone – it’s great to see it come to fruition!

Coincidentally, I picked up Backbone.js in earnest just last week; I’ve been building on Piotr Walczyszyn‘s Backbone.Force plugin, which implements a Backbone Model and Collection to pull data from via ForceTK and the REST API. The fact that it only took a few hours to extend Backbone.Force to support RemoteTK is a testament to both the quality of the Backbone framework and Piotr’s work. Check out my work in progress the new Mobile Pack on GitHub.

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  • Thanks @Pat for sharing the backbone plugin link, i was planning to do some hands on with Backbone + Visualforce. JS Remoting is something I was planning to use, again feeling lucky about support being added already.

  • Anonymous

    just a question on security, is it good or bad to execute a soql query from client side script? i see this can be exploited by anybody to execute any query?