If you’re about to kick off your first Salesforce Platform project, congratulations!  You’re joining a vibrant community doing interesting work.  But you might be wondering where to start.  I recently asked my fellow developer evangelists this very question.

Here’s what everyone said.  I think you’ll start to notice a theme.

And me?  What’s my advice?  I have a few.

Questions? Comments? More advice on how to get started?  Post below or @ReidCarlberg.

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  • Anonymous

    Great list of resources! There’s also a crazy number of great community run blogs out there covering development topics, might be time to assemble a list?

    • Reid Carlberg

      Would love to have a community driven list. I suspect someone has done this although I don’t know who or where.

      • http://about.me/patrick.connelly Patrick Connelly

        We’ve got some stuff here http://wearedarylshaber.com/blogs but I’d love to have another list for developer resources

  • http://about.me/rossbelmont Ross Belmont

    Don’t forget about the user’s experience: ask what the user will do 5 minutes before and 5 minutes after they use each feature in your app, and make sure what you build fits in that context.

    You’re helping them achieve a goal: give them superpowers.

    • Reid Carlberg

      That’s good advice for developers in any platform.

      • http://about.me/rossbelmont Ross Belmont


  • http://dbaas.wordpress.com/ Steve Bobrowski

    Don’t forget this gem


    Great getting started tutorials.

  • gauravkheterpal

    Most importantly, if you get stuck (and happens inevitably if you’re new to a platform) – there are a number of places where you can seek help – including Force.com Discussion Boards & Salesforce Stack Exchange to name a few. There’s an amazing community of experts out there who can help you out and get you over the initial hurdles.


  • sandeep

    Ample amount of authenticated tutorials & blogs are waiting for you on different different nodes. even on Facebook you can join many useful pages, groups related to Salesforce and never forget force.com & discussion boards.

  • Anonymous