loves developers. And it’s amazing to see how quickly our developer community builds next-generation apps on the Salesforce Platform. So we thought we’d cook up a little surprise. OK, a huge surprise. How about the world’s first hackathon with a single $1 million prize?

It’s on. Come to Dreamforce. Build a next-generation mobile app, and change the world. And win a million bucks. Really. What better way to say thank you to our developers than to put on the biggest on-site hackathon in history. Today, we are thrilled to launch the Salesforce $1 Million Hackathon!

How do you get started? Here’s what you need to do to participate.

First, register for a full Dreamforce pass or the $99 Dreamforce Developer Hack Pass. The Hack Pass is your golden ticket to the Opening Keynote, Developer Zone and Cloud Expo, all taking place Nov. 18-21 in San Francisco. Then, reach out to your fellow developers and form a team of rock-stars—or go at it solo; it’s up to you. Either way, register now. Just make sure that everyone on your team has registered individually for Dreamforce and as a team for the hackathon in order to be eligible to win.

Last, but definitely not least, start coding! That’s the fun part. That’s what you do. That’s what you love. But it’s not going to be easy—$1 million is going to bring out the best of the best. So don’t wait until Dreamforce, you’re going to want to get started now. You’ll be coding your new mobile apps to take advantage of the Salesforce Platform, the world’s #1 cloud platform. With, Heroku, ExactTarget Fuel, Mobile Services and more—you’ve got a killer array of platform technology to use.

Join the more than 20,000 developers in the Developer Zone. You have to be present to be eligible to win. Last year’s Developer Zone was amazing, and this year it’s going to bigger, better, and a whole lot more awesome! We have more than 30,000ft2 of space packed with workshops, labs, mobile theaters, vendors and partners; and, to spark your creativity we will host more than 200 developer sessions. Plus, for hackathon participants, we’ll have a 24-hour Hack Central to help you keep working on your apps. There will be plenty of food, drink and inspiration to keep you going. Just make sure you catch a few Zs when you can as winners will be announced on the last day of the conference! On second thought, there is plenty of time to sleep afterwards. And you could have a million new things to dream about!

Oh yeah. One last thing… We will be making available some pretty amazing new technology at Dreamforce that we expect a lot of you will want to use. Be prepared to think fast and code brave. Hack on!

Are you ready? Form your team, register now, start coding and may the best app win! Make sure you check out the complete hackathon rules and guidelines available here so you know all of the details.


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  • Chirag Mehta

    Wow, I want to be millionaire :) Nice initiative, but sadly this line “You have to be present to be eligible to win.” is blocker for me as I won’t be able to attend in person :(

    • Kuntal Vahalia

      come on chirag. you know you want to be here. you would be a great candidate for this.

      • Chirag Mehta

        yes I want to be there, but cant because of personal reasons (sister marriage on same date as dreamforce, nov 19 -:) ) :(

  • brandonmwest

    The rules don’t prohibit showing code or projects that were written outside of the event. That’s a pretty major oversight in my opinion.

    • April Kyle

      Hi Brandon, the rules do state in section “What is Required of the Application” that “The application you or your team submits must:…have been developed solely as part of this Hackathon”.

      • brandonmwest

        And yet the blog post says “So don’t wait until Dreamforce, you’re going to want to get started now.”

        How will you be enforcing this rule?

        • April Kyle Nassi

          The hackathon challenge begins today, so that’s why the encouragement to get started. We will verify that submitted projects have not been previously released.

  • clibou

    Largest Single Hackathon Prize Ever! — hell yeah

  • Steve Schneider

    Can an app entered in the contest later be sold on appexchange, or is it owned by Salesforce? That wasn’t clear to me in the rules, although it looks like it wouldn’t be a problem.

  • resourcesuites

    I am an entrepreneur with an idea, how can i connect with developers to code?