Announcing the Command-line Interface for

This week at Dreamforce we launched a new command-line interface tool for interacting with With this tool you can quickly interact with the APIs, opening up powerful opportunities to script and automate tasks with This tool is open-source and available at

You can immediately download the precompiled binaries for the force command-line interface and start using it today:

For a full review of this tool, and instructions on how you can fork the repository and add your own custom functionality, please see my post: A Command-line Interface for

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  • Sebastian Ortiz

    Hi Wade, I just tried it on Ubuntu 64-bit and works great. I’ve been using a similar command-line tool written by a friend in python, and a very useful command to include in this one would be the selectdelete which looks like this:

    selectdelete SOBJECT where CRITERIA

    ( selectdelete Account where name like ‘%pepe’ and accountnumber!=” )

    Which deletes all records matching the given CRITERIA, in batch

    Great work!



    • Wade Wegner

      Fantastic! Take a look at my post to see how to extend the tool and feel free to initiate a pull request back to the repository!

  • SKiran

    HI Wade, I tried it on Windows-32. After “force login” command it took me to login page and on login I gave permission to force-cli and then it took me to force-cli heroku app but nothing happened there. Am I doing anything wrong.

    • Wade Wegner

      After the login, have you tried running: force whoami | grep Username

      If you’ve successfully logged in you should see your username as the response.

      • Lutz Bendlin

        All that does is open another browser window, asking for the login and CLI permissions again. Same issue on Windows-64.

        • Wade Wegner

          Okay thanks for checking.

          I’ve seen people report the same thing on my blog (check the link and take a look at the comments) and they’ve posted a work around. Please try it out.

          In the meantime, please ensure that you report an issue on the Github repository and the team will take a look. Thank you!

          • PatK

            I agree…have not been able to get it to work in windows (32 or 64). Had hoped by now issues would have been resolved. 🙁

          • PatK

            Is there some broader discussion on this going on somewhere…I see this thread just basically ends. This is some great functionality. We are on an EventLogs pilot with SFDC and would be a way we are looking to batch process these logs.

  • Raymond Gao

    very cool. (y)

  • Ian Zepp

    This is seriously amazing! It’s like magic, and works like a breeze on Linux Mint. The oauth from command line to browser to command line was especially slick…

    • Wade Wegner

      Glad to hear it. I too think the OAuth integration with the browser is slick.

  • Todd

    The pom contains references to “” which I can’t resolve. If I comment those repos out, then force-connector:jar:22.0.0-SNAPSHOT is still not found. Is there a repo where I can find these artifacts?

  • Er Vipin Mishra

    Hey i am using window 8 & try to login through command “force login”. It take me to login screen. Here i login with my salesforce account and it take me to following url “”.
    After this nothing will happened & i am not able to type any thing else on command prompt.
    Any one have any clue what i am doing after this.

  • Ken

    Is there a way to parametize the login so that it doesn’t launch a browser and to Oauth? It would be a heck of a lot more useful if it could be 100% scripted including login.

    • Wade Wegner

      As I just wrote to J Daly, there’s a pull request in the queue for this feature. Tx!

  • J Daly

    Great tool, just one big problem…I’ve looked all over and can’t seem to find a way to pass in login credentials without having the browser pop up with OAuth. While that might be a nifty way to handle authentication when I’m sitting at the console, it prevents us from using this tool to automate anything that could be called by Hudson/Jenkins or some other cron job.

    • Wade Wegner

      There’s a pull request in the queue for this feature.

      • J Daly

        Great, very happy to hear this.

      • Chris Bush

        Do we have a potential timeframe on this feature? We’re trying to figure out if we want to try and build it in house for the time being.

        • John Stevenson


          A feature to login via SOAP using the Force CLI has recently been added to the code on Github. This means you can login by supplying your username and password.

          To login to production or a development org, use:
          force login username password

          To login to a sandbox org, use:
          force login test username password

          The feature is not part of the pre-compiled binaries as yet, so you can create your own binary using the instructions on the Gihub project page or wait for a new release version.

          Hope this helps

  • Jim Rae

    Just downloaded the Windows application and Norton Antivirus immediately quarantined it and said that it was infected with the “SONAR.Heuristic.112” Trojan or Virus, and then removed it from my system. Are you aware of this issue?

    • Wade Wegner

      This is the first I’ve seen/heard of this potential issue. I’ve reached out to the team and I will try to confirm myself. Thank you for alerting us!

      • Wade Wegner

        Hi Jim. I just downloaded and ran a scan against both files. They’ve come back clean. This is on a freshly setup virtual machine.

        • Jim Rae

          I scanned it with TotalVirus and got no result, also downloaded to the same machine again and have had no issue. Very odd. Thanks for checking, sorry for the false alarm.

          • Wade Wegner

            No worries! Glad all is okay.

  • Orquidea Perez


    I have been trying to install the CLI and have been unsuccessful. I’m using Windows 64 bit. I also had a colleague try it in his MAC os and no luck either. Please advise.

    Thank you

  • mukeshietk

    Finding this tool pretty handy.

  • Meeta Gulati

    Looks like a broken link to downlaod the tool … Application Error
    An error occurred in the application and your page could not be served. Please try again in a few moments.

    If you are the application owner, check your logs for details.