Announcing New Salesforce Developers Discussion Forums

New Discussion BoardsToday we’re excited to announce the new Salesforce Developers Discussion Forums. We’ve listened to your feedback on how we can improve the forums.  With Chatter Answers, built on the Salesforce1 Platform, we were able to implement an entirely new experience, integrated with the rest of the Salesforce Developers site.  By the way, it’s also mobile-friendly.

We’ve migrated all the existing data, including user accounts. You can use the same Salesforce account you’ve always used to login right away.  You’ll also have a great new user profile page that will highlight your community activity.  Kudos have been replaced by “liking” a post instead and you’ll now be able to filter solved vs unsolved posts.

This is, of course, only the beginning — and because it’s built on the Salesforce1 Platform, we’re going to be able to bring you more features faster than ever before.  Be sure to share any feedback, ideas, or questions you have on this discussion forum post.

Hats off to our development team who has been working tirelessly over the past few months to bring this new experience to our community. And thanks to each of you for helping to build one of the most vibrant and collaborative developer communities ever.


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  • Rupert Barrow

    April, such great stuff, a fantastic migration.

    However, where can I post a problem report : changing my nickname on my profile does not change my name as owner on the bottom of my questions/posts.

    Can you help ?

    • Gaurav Kheterpal

      Rupert, I believe April is out till next week or so. You may want to reach out to Jacob Lehbraum on Twitter @jlehrbaum for the issue you are facing. Additionally, there are a few loose ends from the migration which will be tied up during next few weeks. If you have any additional feedback, please post it on this thread –

      I hope this helps.

  • Glenda Clark

    I want to volunteer to help nonprofits by understanding what
    is in the nonprofit starter pack. I found a link that says I should be able to
    configure it on the Developer addition. I am currently helping a nonprofit who installed
    and configured a standard version of the free enterprise app but it is not user
    friendly in the least. I wanted to install a version on a Developer addition
    and add logic to the existing model the non-profit is using.

    Has anyone installed the
    Nonprofit_Starter_Pack on the Developer environment? I found but I am not sure what I am helping a nonprofit who customized their own
    nonprofit Salesforce model but I would like to see that Service pack model to
    help them to perhaps see what they might be missing. I am using the Development
    environment as testing environment.

    instructions say I should remove the page, controller and tab. The recommended
    deletion order is: Tab->Pages->Classes. I am not sure how to remove the
    tab, pages and classes. I would appreciate any assistance.


    • Glenda Clark

      I found the documentation and had a successful configuration. Thanks.

  • kondruxavier

    when i am using professional editon in umanaged packed i am installing trigger i got error please how to resolve this issue please let me know
    i got below error

    Package install errorThere are problems that prevent this package from being installed.Advanced thanks
    kondru xavier

  • kondruxavier

    how to view as an administrator how to see the merged contacts


    While i am writing criteria Company name and its sub company names how to write Relation in salesforce

  • Srinivasa Gupta Kande

    Can someone throw light on HP ALM QC Integration with salesforce

  • Anirudh Thackur

    Hello all, there is a very good Salesforce article which I have come across. “Salesforce Developer Exam Changes: All you need to know” Great article please have a look.

  • Mohit Mohan

    Want to schedule a salesforce report to partner community user But only want to send the report fof running user and not the complete report. Can this be achieved??Also I dont want them to schedule it as I dont want to hit the reporting limits for 1 scheduled report per hours