New Windows Phone 8 Sample Application Available

Today we have released a new sample application that demonstrates how to manage authorization and resource requests in a Windows Phone 8 app. You can download the source code and review all the details in the post Connecting to Salesforce from a Windows Phone 8 App.

This sample application demonstrates the following:

  1. Obtaining an access token using the User-Agent flow.
  2. Managing the callback in a Windows Phone 8 app.
  3. Using the access token to make a call to the REST API.

This sample app makes use of the Developerforce.Force and Developerforce.Common NuGet packages.

Login to Salesforce
Authorize Access
See Your Accounts

Happy hacking!
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  • Daniel Ballinger

    When I made a Salesforce app for Windows Phone 7 using the REST API I had issues connecting to Group and professional editions. I assume you will still get an API_DISABLED_FOR_ORG message with these org types?