Getting Started with Chromecast on Visualforce

Given a Chromecast, and the recent release of the Google Cast SDK, I recently set to work experimenting with the device and My aim was to leverage this $35 media player to show live business data on an HDMI monitor – the kind of display you might put in an office or conference booth.

After a couple of days, I had built an app on a Visualforce Page, served from a Site, that showed a chart with live Account and Opportunity data on my TV. In the first of two blog posts, over on my personal blog, I present a detailed breakdown of the steps I followed in setting the Chromecast up for development use, and getting the ‘Hello World’ Cast sample app running from a Visualforce Page. Read it now: Getting Started with Chromecast on Visualforce.

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  • ram_sj

    interesting idea, cool!

  • First integration with Minecraft and now Chromecast! Pat is a genius!!!