Mini Hacks returns to London!

At next week’s Customer Company Tour London 2013 we’ll be bringing back our Mini Hacks where you will find three challenges in different technology topic areas. The first ten participants to complete any two of the hacks will win a great gift, and anyone who completes all three will be entered into a raffle drawing for a MacBook Air. Don’t miss it!… Continue reading

Start hacking… the 2013 Mobile Developer Challenge is live!

Mobile Packs Accelerate Development

On the heels of a wildly successful developer meetup week, we’re launching a new challenge with great prizes – specifically, $16,000 worth!

The theme for this on-line challenge is “mobile”, which leaves the door wide open for quite a variety of applications and functionality. If you need some help getting started fast, be sure to check out our new mobile packs for mobile application development.

Here’s the fast and dirty about this on-line mobile challenge:

  • Work individually or in teams
  • Use or integrate with Salesforce Platform

Extra! Announcing our newest and renewed MVPs

It’s that time of year again, you know the drill. We are proud to announce the latest round of MVPs – the developer superstars who drive community excellence! These individuals represent the leaders of our community, those who break the trail of technology innovation with Salesforce Platform technologies, and shape the community with their activities and community support. To learn more about the program, you can read about it here.

For Spring 2013, these are the individuals we’ve invited to the program, and have graciously accepted:

  • Andrew Fawcett
  • Ankit Arora
  • Cory Cowgill

Submit Your MVP Nomination!

Yes, it’s true, it’s that time again – MVP nominations are open! To determine who should be considered for MVP status, we rely on peers of outstanding individuals to let us know about their contributions and leadership. If you have someone in mind, all you have to do is send us more information about your nominee in one simple step!

Email us with the nominee’s name, email address and supporting evidence of their contributions and leadership. Examples of good information to include (but certainly not limited to) are: blog activity, books or other publications, speaking engagements… Continue reading

Congratulations to our newest MVPs!

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce the latest wave of MVPs! We have three new MVPs, Andy Boettcher, Simon Goodyear, and another Japanese MVP in the mix, Junji Imaoka!

Reprising their roles as MVPs are Sanuki Ikou and Keir Bowden.

I’ll keep it brief and just says thanks to all who threw out their suggestions and provided input! The candidates field just continues to evolve and become even more outstanding. View the entire list of all MVPs here… Continue reading

MVP Nominations being considered!

Hi all, you know we solicit nominations from time to time, and right now is a great time for you to send me your nomination for MVP.

We tend to keep our secrets close to the chest here, but I thought a little transparency to our selection criteria would be enlightening for you all to understand a little more about what makes a MVP, how you can become one, or help the person you love become one. Historically, there are quite a few new folks nominated with a great list of community contributions, but ultimately many… Continue reading

Mini Hacks Are Back at Dreamforce ’12

Crack those knuckles and get ready to write some code… Mini Hacks are back for Dreamforce! This format worked so well for Cloudstocks San Francisco and London that we decided to reprise them for our largest event of the year.

Instead of a multi-day hackathon, participants come to the Mini Hacks area in the middle of the Dev Zone where challenge cards are available. We’ll have six different challenges to complete on a wide range of technical topics, varying in difficulty level. Hang out, hack, and network with others in the Mini Hack area, and if needed, get technical help… Continue reading

Help Out a Local Resource – Hacker Dojo

For those of you local to the bay area, Hacker Dojo, a valuable community resource is facing some challenges with their space. It seems they will need to bring the building up to spec or face eviction. You can read about the situation in a few different places, such as this story at the New York Times, or this one in Business Insider.

We have held a few events at Hacker Dojo, and worked with the guys there in building a mutually supportive community. Hacker Dojo is a great space to hang out, meet other techies, and build… Continue reading

Finally! Mobile Developer Challenge Winners

Mobile App Development

Good morning, my friends! Right off the bat, I need to extend a hearty apology to you all for the series of delays in getting the results back to you. I ended up with way too much going on this past month. Thank you all for waiting patiently while I finally managed to bring the process to a close.

As a precursor to the results, I do want to take a moment to say that the entries were excellent. We were thrilled with the quality of the entries and the obvious care people took with creating their videos. We… Continue reading

Mobile Developer Challenge: what’s next?

Thank you to everybody who met the deadline for our Mobile Developer Challenge, which ended last week. We’re going to publish the gallery of entries in the next day or so, and will be announcing the winners early next week.

I apologize for the confusion with the success message, we had a technical mix up where the message was not getting flashed. If you have any questions about your entry being received, just drop me a line directly… Continue reading