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The Spring ’17 Release: A Storm of New Lightning Features

It’s that time of year again – winter is gripping a lot of the Northern Hemisphere, but Salesforce Developers are already looking forward to the fresh offerings of Spring ’17! We’re happy to share some exciting new features to help you build more quickly and efficiently than ever, as well as enhancements to what we’ve introduced […]

Say Hello to Base Lightning Components

Unless you’ve spent the last 18 months under a literal rock, you’ve no doubt heard about Lightning and how it can help you build apps faster. We’ve spoken with many developers in the Salesforce community over the past 18 months about their transition to Lightning, and have received great feedback that we are using to […]

Introducing the Salesforce Lightning Inspector

As any professional web app developer knows, debugging your web apps is one of the most challenging aspects of the development lifecycle. In fact, one of the driving factors behind the emergence and popularity of Google’s Chrome browser in the developer community was its superior developer tools. But as good as those tools have become, challenges […]