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Dreamforce 2016: Welcome Back to the IoT Cabin!

As Dreamforce quickly approaches, I wanted to take this time to give a synopsis of what we are bringing to the IoT Cabin this year. The IoT Cabin is the latest evolution of the area started by Reid Carlberg many years ago, given its Cabin-esque features by Pat Patterson last year and has now fallen to me to organize this year. The goal for the area was simple - build and expand on the experience Dreamforce attendees have increasingly grown to expect. The Internet of Things is a curiosity to some developers, a cutting edge industry to others, and a wealth of opportunities to more. This year we made a special effort to showcase a diversity of solutions to give developers a sense of what is possible.

Hands-On Workshops return to the IoT Zone for Dreamforce 2015

We are adding an exciting range of workshops for the Internet of Things Zone into Agenda Builder. If you have ever want to get hands on with some of the gadgetry of IoT but never had the chance to use them, learn about the opportunities that will be at Dreamforce 2015.

Styling for Salesforce1 Mobile with the OneStarter jQuery Plugin

As it turns out, there is an online resource to help developers style pages like Salesforce1: The Salesforce1 Style Guide. This shows several examples of how the HTML within the Salesforce1 mobile interface is built out, complete with CSS styles. This is great, but I had a couple of complications in trying to use it ... the first was there was no handy download to get all the CSS and supporting files, and the second that quite a bit of the CSS relies on using several different classes. That was when I started pulling things together and it occurred to me that jQuery could handle the CSS transformations for me.

Spring ’14: Using Visualforce Remote Objects with CanJS

In case you missed the Spring '14 preview webinar, Remote Objects allows developers to interact with data via JavaScript without having to write Apex to define the server-side functionality. While testing out the feature, I wanted to prove against some known JavaScript frameworks and ended up with a quick example using CanJS.

Python and the REST API: Simple simple-salesforce example

While losing code is a bummer, I always say that when life throws you lost code you hand life back new refactored code. Many moons ago I posted about an Insanely Simple Python Script that used the Salesforce REST API's. It was later updated and eventually evolved into a longer script that I used for demonstrations. Unfortunately I recently lost the code to said longer script, but I still wanted a similar demo. And so I recently discovered simple-salesforce, a Python REST API client for Salesforce which uses more moderns libs like requests to get a similar job done.

DevZone Day 2: The Salesforce Keynote

Dreamforce kicked off the main event of the week, Marc Benioff's keynote, on Tuesday. Here's a quick review of the highlights from the DevZone.

DevZone Day 1: Welcome to Dreamforce 2013

Welcome to the DevZone at Dreamforce 2013, our biggest and most exciting experience for Salesforce Platform developers yet. This year the festivities started on Monday and everything kicked off with a packed house of attendees both new and experienced to working with, Heroku and ExactTarget. One of the most popular sections all day long was our Developer Library where the line remained long to take home free copies of workbooks and textbooks. But of course, the DevZone was a lot more than just the library...

ExactTarget’s Fuel and the $1 Million Hackathon

The foundation of the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud is a platform called Fuel. Fuel enables developers to deeply integrate ExactTarget with other systems in a highly automated fashion. This is important because highly-targeted, relevant communication is as much a technology problem as it is a marketer's dilemma—the most successful marketing campaigns involve highly sophisticated interactions across multiple channels driven by data from multiple data sources tied to precise audience segments, delivering just the right message at just the right moment. Without Fuel, this level of sophistication simply wouldn't be possible.

Halloween Hangout with some Dreamforce MVP’s

There's no reason to wait until Dreamforce to start connecting with some our Most Valuable Players: this Thursday, on Halloween itself, I'll be storming into the CodeTalk virtual studio and bring along with me a couple of other evangelists and a few of MVP's that will be attending and presenting at Dreamforce.

Apex Sessions at the #DevZone

If you're looking to enhance your knowledge of Apex, the cloud-based programmatic language, Dreamforce is going to have a wealth of information for you. Since there are too many sessions to even list here, the Agenda Builder is obviously going to be your master record for building your DevZone calendar - but here are a few sessions throughout the week to look out for.