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Get a wrap-up of all the latest new articles, blogs, video tutorials and developments organized by topic in this quick-reference post.

Learn to Build Business Apps Using Lightning Tools at DocuSign DevCon 2015

Attend Docusign Devcon 2015 to learn about Salesforce1 Lightning is changing the face of business app development, and get a $99 discount off the full conference pass.

Salesforce1 Mobile App on iOS 8: Taps not correctly registering on Visualforce pages

Customers using the Salesforce1 Mobile app on devices running iOS 8 may experience issues interacting with content on Visualforce pages. Specifically, tapping on a button or input field. Here are some workarounds.

Salesforce Developers Releases All New Salesforce1 Library

Salesforce1 Visualforce in Practice

This week at Dreamforce 2013, the Developer Relations group launched an entire library of books, workbook tutorials, and cheat sheets, along with hands-on workshops and a new Salesforce1 Quick Start to get developers going with Salesforce1,, Heroku, ExactTarget and other platform technologies.

Five Essentials for New Salesforce Platform Developers

One question I frequently see on the Developer Force community boards comes from developers new to Salesforce Platform and follows along the lines of, “what advice would you give to new developers starting out with” For the new developer, it can be overwhelming. Here are my top 5 suggestions.

Mobile Development with Connected Apps

Connected Apps is a new feature in the Summer '13 release that allows external applications to securely connect to over Identity and Data APIs. Connected Apps replace Remote Access Apps, offering finer granularity over permissions and data that can be accessed. Read more.

Rounding Up Mobile Packs and Salesforce Platform Mobile Services

Along with the announcements of Salesforce Platform Mobile Services and Mobile Packs, the Developer Force evangelist and marketing teams have created an incredible number of tools and resources to enable you to quickly build mobile apps using tools you already use in your everyday practice. Here's what's now available to you.

PaaS for .Net Developers

Last week I attended the Pluralsight Author Summit and it was there that I met Dan Appleman. Dan and I are like the two who went to different schools together–he’s written for many of the same publications I have, and he’s been writing about Windows programming and Visual Basic long before Active Server pages or […]

Bringing Code and Community Together

Michael shares his plans for moving Workbook Recipes and Code Share into a more community-oriented process, then shares a code sample for creating your own Visual Force components. He also explains how you can contribute to Developer Force.

Hello, World

I’ve been a code journalist for, well, more years than I care to admit. And in all that time, I’m amazed to see that the humble yet venerable, well-worn  “Hello, World” continues to grace programmers, architects, and even Agilists with its simple, unvarnished message. A brand spanking new app that says, “I can’t do much […]