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Integrating the Jasper Control Center API with

Jasper's Control Center platform manages IoT devices on the mobile network, allowing mobile network operators to deliver services tailored to the requirements of connected products. Learn how the Toolkit for Jasper allows apps to manage connected devices via the Control Center platform.

Discover the World of Connected Products in the Developer Zone IoT Area!

This year's Developer Zone will feature more sponsors, more workshops and a cornucopia of connected products, each one of them integrated with Salesforce and/or Heroku. Here's a run down of the products on show.

Easy IoT: Associating an Electric Imp Device with a Salesforce User

Electric Imp Logo

Learn how to associate an Electric Imp device with a specific Salesforce user, and create custom object and Case records from the Electric Imp agent.

Introducing the Lightning.anyDB Connector – Data Democracy Fueled by Salesforce Lightning Connect

Lightning.anyDB exposes JPA database objects as an OData service, helping Salesforce Lightning Connect access data trapped in back office systems.

Easy IoT: Getting Started with the Electric Imp Salesforce Library

Electric Imp recently released a library allowing easy access to Salesforce from their IoT platform. This blog entry, the first in a pair, shows to upsert a record in Salesforce triggered by a button press on the imp.

BulkTK – Calling the Bulk API from Visualforce Pages

Building on the JavaScript REST Toolkit (ForceTK), 'BulkTK', a Bulk API JavaScript toolkit, allows you to manipulate thousands of records at a time from JavaScript in the browser. Learn about its creation and try it out!

Simple Data Integration with Heroku Connect

Last week's announcement of Heroku Connect Demo Edition prompted me to take Heroku Connect for a test drive. It took me just a couple of hours to build a Node.js app on Heroku that would monitor tweets and synchronize them back to Salesforce. Here's how.

Access Salesforce Data From External Sources with Lightning Connect

Lightning Connect Salesforce

Learn how External Objects provide a live connection to external data sources so your data is always up to date, how you can access them the same way as Standard and Custom Objects in list views, detail pages, record feeds, Apex and Visualforce, and create relationships between External Objects and Standard or Custom Objects to seamlessly integrate legacy data.

Apex Continuations: Asynchronous Callouts from Visualforce Pages

Asynchronous Callouts, generally available with Spring '15, are a new Apex feature that allow you to escape the limit of ten concurrent long-running callouts, where 'long-running' means 'more than five seconds'. Discover how you can use Asynchronous Callouts with JavsScript Remoting.

Spring ’15 Preview – CORS for the REST API

The Spring '15 release delivers support for CORS, allowing external web apps, outside the Platform, to directly access the REST API. Learn more about CORS and how to leverage it in your JavaScript apps.