See Your Visualforce Pages on TV with Chromecast!

With a $35 Google Chromecast and the ‘Visualforce on Chromecast’ app, you can display any Visualforce Page on any HD TV or monitor – perfect for your conference booth, office, or den! Continue reading

‘Save the Day, Code for Good’ – Hacking for Social Change at UC Berkeley


Blueprint is a non-profit organization founded in late 2012 by students at University of California, Berkeley aiming to match the talents of university students to the needs of the community around them. Last weekend, they ran their first hackathon; Salesforce was a sponsor, and I was privileged to be able to attend, work with and judge the students solving real-world problems for local non-profits. Continue reading

Getting Started with Chromecast on Visualforce

Given a Chromecast, and the recent release of the Google Cast SDK, I recently set to work experimenting with the device and Read this summary of what I did, and why, and follow the link to get the full details. Continue reading

Visualizing Salesforce Data… in Minecraft!?

Taking a break after Dreamforce 2013, it occurred to me that I could create a Minecraft mod to visualize business data in 3D. Discover how ‘Forcecraft’ represents Salesforce Accounts by buildings, and maps Opportunity Stage changes to in-game events. It’s a proof-of-concept for visualizing your Salesforce data. You can immediately see which Account has the most Opportunities, and dig deeper into the data in a very interactive way. It’s also a great demonstration of the richness of the APIs – you really can access every byte of your Salesforce data, and metadata, via the APIs and manipulate it in any app you choose. Continue reading

Salesforce1 Cures the App Boogie Fever

App Boogie Fever!

Developer Evangelists Samantha Ready and Pat Patterson dress up and have some fun showing you how to build a Salesforce1 mobile app, including geolocation and photo capture, in just 30 minutes. Continue reading

Uploading Photos to Chatter Files with HTML5

Is it possible to use the PhoneGap APIs to capture image data in Salesforce1? No, but you CAN achieve the same end with the HTML5 File API and create a page that will work pretty much anywhere… Continue reading

Dynamic Reporting – Integrating the Analytics and Streaming APIs

Analytics Chart on a Visualforce Page

The Analytics API allows you to build web pages that show your report data however you desire, but how do you ensure your users have an up-to-the-second analysis? See how to use the Streaming API to make your data come alive! Continue reading

Using the Salesforce Analytics API on a Visualforce Page

The new Analytics REST API, delivered in Winter ’14, gives developers programmatic access to report data defined in the Salesforce report builder. Discover how you can call the Analytics API from JavaScript. Continue reading

Transcribing Voice Messages to Tasks with the Twilio Library for Salesforce

This week our friends at Twilio will be hosting TwilioCon, and we’ll be there as an event sponsor. Twilio last year released their Helper Library for Salesforce, giving developers an easy way to work with their Voice and SMS APIs. Here’s an example showing how to ‘take a message’ and post the transcription to Salesforce. Continue reading

Login to Your Salesforce Org with OpenID Connect in Winter ’14

OpenID Connect

The Winter ’14 release includes OpenID Connect Authentication Providers, allowing your org to be an OpenID Connect Client, and leverage an OpenID Connect Authorization Server, such as Google or PayPal, for user login. See OpenID Connect in action and learn how you can get a Winter ’14 pre-release org to try it out. Continue reading