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Meet the new Trailhead

Introducing the biggest Trailhead release ever. Trailhead now has a all new look, LinkedIn integration, localized trails and much more!

Learn Salesforce with Trailhead: new trails and content!

Trailhead just got an Extreme Makeover with the biggest update since last year's Dreamforce! See what's new.

Lightning Strikes Trailhead with 2 New Badges

Get hands-on with Lightning Components and Lightning Process Builder with two new Trailhead modules .

Learn Salesforce with Trailhead and Challenge Yourself on the Platform

learn salesforce with trailhead

Meet Trailhead, a fast & easy way to get started with building cloud apps on the Salesforce1 Platform. Track your progress through an interactive learning path via points & badges! Plus, explore newly released content & features.

Wearables and the Salesforce Wear Developer Pack – Lessons Learned

In building the Salesforce Wear Developer Pack, we discovered a huge variation in the programming models, UX primitives and security and identity flows across the six wearable devices that we built reference apps for. Here's what we learned.

6 Things to Know About Salesforce1

Learn 6 things about the new Salesforce1 app and platform that will help you customize and configure it.

Getting Started with Mobile Design Templates

Learn how to build great looking web and hybrid mobile apps using the new Mobile Design Templates. This article walks through the basics of using the design templates to build an HTML5 mobile app in Visualforce.

Build Mobile Web Apps with jQuery Mobile and the Salesforce Platform

Learn how to use the new Mobile Pack for jQuery Mobile to build mobile web and hybrid apps for the Salesforce Platform.

Using JavaScript with

A summary of the different options available for developers who want to interact with Salesforce data and/or logic via JavaScript.

Testing Apex Callouts using HttpCalloutMock

Learn how to test Apex HTTP callouts using the new HttpCalloutMock feature.