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Lightning Components in Visualforce with Lightning Out

Lightning Out is a feature that extends Lightning Apps and acts as a bridge to surface Lightning Components in any remote web container. This means you can use your Lightning Components inside of an external site (i.e. Sharepoint or SAP), in a hybrid app built with the Mobile SDK, or even elsewhere in the App Cloud like on Heroku or in a Visualforce (VF) Page. This article covers the basics of how to put Lightning Components in Visualforce pages, and mitigate navigation for different app environments you might be using the component in simultaneously.

Hands-On Workshops You Won’t Want to Miss in the DevZone

HOWs at DF15

This is the 2nd year we'll be bringing back the Hands-On Workshop (HOW) program. Hands-On workshops are 1-2 hour workshops where you can get hands-on with a specific Salesforce technology, many are being lead by our MVP community, and almost all of our workshops are powered by projects in Trailhead. We'll have workshops on Lightning Component development, Enterprise Node Architectures and Microservices, the future of JavaScript Development with ECMA Script6, building Microsoft Office Plugins with Salesforce, and a few workshops on new technology I'm not allowed to mention yet!

The DevZone Call for Presentations is Live!

The DevZone Call for Presentations is live and will help us understand what you want to present at DF15. Check out this blog for tips and examples to help you build your CFP submission.

Dreamforce ’14 Developer Moments: Salesforce LIVE Edition

Chat with MVPs

We ran set of live broadcast channels cycling with different webisode content all throughout Dreamforce. We had 7 developer webisodes sprinkled throughout the 4 days, and focused on what makes Dreamforce so great for developers: new products, innovation, community members, and platform. We had over 150,000 people from all over the world tune into the 7 developer webisodes live, and you can view the individual recordings here.

Don’t Miss Hands-On Workshops in the DevZone

This year at Dreamforce we are launching a new hands-on workshop program that is specifically designed for app builders of any technical or non-technical background to be able to build an app and tinker on the Salesforce1 Platform in the DevZone. You'll go through a 2.5 hour class with an MVP or Developer User Group (DUG) leader who will teach a series of lessons with hands-on exercises peppered in between. Don't miss out, sign up in Agenda Builder today!

A Beginner’s Guide to Salesforce1

After scouring the interwebs, I realized there was no single place where I could access relevant resources for all of the developer customization points in Salesforce1. As such, I wanted outline a few of the key points on the app to hopefully fast ramp anyone hoping to use the app container for mobile development.

Join Us for our Salesforce1 Platform ELEVATE Hands-on Workshop in Tel Aviv

I'm super excited to share that Dave Carroll and I will be going to Tel Aviv, Israel in a little over a week to lead a Salesforce1 Platform Elevate workshop! If you aren't familiar with our Elevate workshops, they are a FREE one-day hands-on developer workshop to give devs an introduction to the platform and get instructor lead lessons interwoven with several hands-on exercises to drive home the key points.

VT Hacks: The Colossal Hackathon in Cassell Coliseum

VT Hacks is an annual hackathon held in Cassell Coliseum at Virginia Tech. There were around 600 hackers, mainly from colleges all over the East Coast, but some of the hackers we met were in high school and even middle school. We saw a wide range of apps from flying drones controlled by Occulus Rift movements to physical mazes that could be solved by gestures over a leap motion controller. We awarded two very talented groups with the Salesforce1 Platform prizes, and this blog gives all the details.

Twitter Bootstrap and Visualforce in Minutes

Everyone says Twitter Bootstrap makes front-end web development faster and easier, but how can we prove that? Check out this blog to see a video of a simple Visualforce page being converted into a responsive, mobile first web page in a little over 3 minute. It covers the foundation for setting up a bootstrap project natively on

Build Charts with History Tracking Data and the Analytics API

With the Spring’14 release the Salesforce Analytics API allows users to dynamically choose date and get historical data. Check out this sample on historical trending to learn how you can build historical reports and then create visualizations off of that report metadata.