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How My 14 Year Old Daughter Built Her First Mobile App … In 25 Minutes … Without Any Code

Over the holidays, my daughter reminded me that I promised to teach her how to build a mobile app. So I told her to grab her laptop, I'd grab mine, and app building we would go. Twenty five minutes later, we were done. Here's how we did it.

Chatter REST API Data Model

Ace! Salesforce ERD Data Models Discovered

Every once in a while you uncover a Salesforce documentation gem that makes you feel like you've aced Roger Federer at Wimbledon. Just happened!

Developing Mobile Applications with and Appcelerator Titanium

Mobile Application Development with Appcelerator Titanium and

Learn hands-on how to develop cross-device mobile applications with Appcelerator Titanium that leverage or schemas.

Mobile App Development

Mobile Application Development Library

A comprehensive map to all of our available mobile application development content.

Mobile App Development

June is Mobile Month on Developer Force

Throughout the month of June, visit Developer Force for fresh content that will help you start or advance your career as a mobile application developer. Community From Around the Web: May 5, 2012 From Around the Web May 5, 2012 Be sure to check out these recent interesting reads from our community related to and Lots of great things for both beginners and experienced developers. Apex and Object References and Deleting Salesforce Contacts You Don’t Own — courtesy of @dhoechst. Executing Anonymous Apex Inside […]

Every Vote Counts — Help Choose the Summer ’12 Logo

Let us know which one of four logos that you prefer for the upcoming Summer ’12 Release. > Vote at Idea Search Then, stay tuned this blog for more information about the latest and greatest developer features that will be appearing in our newest release.

From Around the Web: Feb 9, 2012

Be sure to check out these recent interesting reads related to and Developer Console Navigation Trick The Developer Console is just out and there’s a trick already! Show and Hide Buttons on Page Layouts Video included. What happened to test classes? Get ready to change your test classes before Spring ‘12, otherwise […]

Developer Content Contest #5 — Apex REST

Apex REST, recently enhanced in Spring ’12, makes it easy for you to create custom RESTful Web services using Apex. In this challenge, we’d like you to show off some of the cool custom APIs that you’ve developed with Apex REST and teach the community how to harness the full power of Apex REST. Head […]