See Your Visualforce Pages on TV with Chromecast!

With a $35 Google Chromecast and the ‘Visualforce on Chromecast’ app, you can display any Visualforce Page on any HD TV or monitor – perfect for your conference booth, office, or den! Continue reading

Control Your Quadcopter Drone Fleet with Salesforce1

Let’s say — hypothetically —  your VP of Drone Fleet Operations just asked you to help her handle drone management, route planning, payload optimization and more. What do you do? Well, there’s a few approaches to tackling the problem. Approach #1 is all about controlling drones using the Salesforce1 Mobile app. That’s what I’m going to talk about today. Continue reading

Women in Tech: Keep Trying and You Will Become a Developer

Carolina Ruiz-Medina loves geeky stuff and fashion. She brought both of those passions to Dreamforce ’13 and recently launched a new blog: Carol Code and Vogue. She’s making a big impact in the community, and it’s all the more impressive because her love of computing began in a little village in Spain. She shares her story. Continue reading

Styling for Salesforce1 Mobile with the OneStarter jQuery Plugin

As it turns out, there is an online resource to help developers style pages like Salesforce1: The Salesforce1 Style Guide. This shows several examples of how the HTML within the Salesforce1 mobile interface is built out, complete with CSS styles. This is great, but I had a couple of complications in trying to use it … the first was there was no handy download to get all the CSS and supporting files, and the second that quite a bit of the CSS relies on using several different classes. That was when I started pulling things together and it occurred to me that jQuery could handle the CSS transformations for me. Continue reading

‘Save the Day, Code for Good’ – Hacking for Social Change at UC Berkeley


Blueprint is a non-profit organization founded in late 2012 by students at University of California, Berkeley aiming to match the talents of university students to the needs of the community around them. Last weekend, they ran their first hackathon; Salesforce was a sponsor, and I was privileged to be able to attend, work with and judge the students solving real-world problems for local non-profits. Continue reading

IoT Roundup: Philips Hue, Staples Easy Button, XMLStreamReader & Real Time Data

I’ve been talking about Internet Of Things related topics (and more) over on, and I wanted to highlight a couple of the posts here. Continue reading

Women in Tech: Caring for New York by Coding on

Jess Lopez did not plan to be a programmer, but fell in love with coding in college. She is now the Director of Web Engineering at New York Cares, helping more than 59,000 volunteers to serve 400,000 at-risk New Yorkers by coding on She shares her story and advice here. Continue reading

Train Your Team on Zero to Certified and Beyond

When Shoby Abdi told me he was training a new team of developers to work on the Salesforce1 Platform, I immediately asked him to share his approach and experience. Although every organization, team and developer has different needs, I believe you’ll find his approach insightful and easily adaptable. Continue reading

Getting Started with Chromecast on Visualforce

Given a Chromecast, and the recent release of the Google Cast SDK, I recently set to work experimenting with the device and Read this summary of what I did, and why, and follow the link to get the full details. Continue reading

Twitter Bootstrap and Visualforce in Minutes

Everyone says Twitter Bootstrap makes front-end web development faster and easier, but how can we prove that? Check out this blog to see a video of a simple Visualforce page being converted into a responsive, mobile first web page in a little over 3 minute. It covers the foundation for setting up a bootstrap project natively on Continue reading