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Cross-Object Owner Fields: A Powerful New Formula Option

Cross-Object Owner Formulas There is a little new feature that is set to arrive in the Summer 13 release that garners only half a page of the release notes, but creates an extremely important opportunity for projects wanting to maximize their time and resources by leveraging clicks before code. In the past, Owner was a […]

The Admin Setup: It’s A Small World After All

The Force.com admin setup menu can be overwhelming at first; however, just like a new city seems smaller as you learn your way around, so does the admin setup. This article outlines the setup briefly and contains a short video that gives a brief overview of: how to navigate the setup tree, how to get the most use out of the Force.com setup homepage, and where to find key elements for app development.

Is the Build and Deploy a Free Cloud App track and Cloudforce right for you?

FFE Part1_final.ppt

Are you wondering whether the Build and Deploy A Free Cloud App track at next weeks Cloudforce and Developer Conference in San Jose is right for you? Have a look at some of the questions I have received over the past week about who should attend and what you will gain from the sessions.