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PaaS for .Net Developers


Last week I attended the Pluralsight Author Summit and it was there that I met Dan Appleman. Dan and I are like the two who went to different schools together–he’s written for many of the same publications I have, and he’s been writing about Windows programming and Visual Basic long before Active Server pages or the .Net framework hit the scene. You may know Dan from one of his many books or countless articles on programming with Microsoft technologies. So when it comes to .Net development Dan is an expert I trust.

The meeting was fortuitous because when I… Continue reading

Optimized Heroku-Force.com Integration Using Redis and Apex REST

Asynchronous/Batch (After)

Second part of a series that explores the design and code for Social Web-to-Lead, a Node.js application running on Heroku that allows Facebook users to save their contact information in Salesforce via a ‘Contact Me’ link. This post reviews how the application uses a Redis database and a custom Apex REST service to implement a more efficient design that consumes fewer Force.com API calls. Continue reading