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Introducing Catter: Connect to Your Cat Like Never Before

Learn all about Catter, cat collaboration for today’s modern feline. Plus get paws-on with a free tutorial!

Financial Times hacking with Chatter and Force.com

FT.com Hackathon Force.com team

  The FT.com is a financial-industry focused news agency with a reputation for quality journalism.  This shines through in the way they support innovation in their development teams.  Peter Chittum and I were lucky enough to be invited along by the Financial Times Force.com team to see this in action. The FT.com hackday included teams […]

What’s Hot in Summer 13

It's always hot in the summertime, and Ryan and I tried to heat it up a notch by spreading the word on all the new things coming out in the Summer '13 release. If you missed it but you want to see the full show, you can find the recording on youtube. We covered a lot out of the release notes in a little less than an hour, but I'll give you the cliff's notes version here.

Getting Started with Chatter in Apex

One of the cool features we went over in the Spring '13 Developer Preview webinar was Chatter in Apex. Connect in Apex, also known as the Connect API, exposes Chatter API resources as objects in Apex to build native custom Chatter integrations on Force.com. Chatter in Apex extends current functionality of accessing Chatter data using Apex, and exposes Chatter data in a simpler way. Check out this post to see how to get started building your own customizable feed.

July 12 New Delhi Salesforce Platform Developer Meetup is On!

Welcome to the New Delhi Salesforce Platform Developer User Group!  With great interest from the developer community, Saurabh Pandey (@SaurabhTwittes), our Developer Force community leader has decided to lead the DUG.  To start it of in the right step, the inaugural of the New Delhi Salesforce Platform Developer User Group is planned in Noida on July 12. More than 100 […]

Social Enterprise Apps: Engagement & Discovery with the Chatter API Webinar Recordings

The recording and FAQ from the 4/28/2012 Chatter API webinar is now available. For me, the Chatter API lets me focus on two critical aspects of building Social Enterprise apps: engagement and discover.

Cloudstock: Learn How to Go from Admin to Wizard

Last week I got the chance to drive up to Milwaukee, courtesy of the Wisconsin User Group and organized by Andy Ogenoff and Julia Napolitano. I was there to talk about using jQuery with Visualforce (which I will cover in an upcoming post), but before I was up – there was Brian Kwong talking about […]

Chatter REST API Enhancements

The Chatter REST API is GA in Winter '12. Here is a highlight of some of the recent changes and additions.

New Chatter objects in Winter ’12

Winter '12 introduces a few new objects into the Chatter data model, designed to make building your own Social Enterprise even easier.

The age old debate of good design.

You may have read Amazon just released a HTML5-based cloud reader which allows you to read any of your Kindle books on any device through a browser. It is pretty cool stuff, especially coming from an author’s perspective (shameless plug to buy my books) — all of a sudden, my books have the potential to […]