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Salesforce Communities Licenses

Salesforce Communities allows customers to connect with people outside their organization. Fabrice explains the structure, capabilities, and design philosophy behind the communities licenses. Continue reading

Communities Containers: Options for Building Salesforce Communities

Salesforce Communities

With the Summer ‘13 release of Salesforce Communities, we’ve started to provide our customers with a powerful set of tools to engage people outside their organization: consumers, customers, prospects, resellers, partners, integrators, dealers, and other constituencies. But every business has a unique set of constituencies with a unique set of needs. Our legacy partner and customer portals were largely used as vertically-oriented process portals: they were set up for a specific purpose (customer self-service, origination of high-touch service, and channel pipeline tracking), and the primary engagement tools involved either maintenance of data and process (logging cases, registering leads

Communities + Site.com = Like

Site.com + Communities = Like

The Summer ’13 launch of Salesforce Communities brought us a host of new tools to engage customers, partners, and anyone else in your company’s ecosystem. The legacy Salesforce Customer and Partner portals were great tools to expose process and data to customers and resellers/partners, but data and process were only 1/3 of the tools most companies need to drive customer loyalty, promote self-service, and turbocharge partner enablement and revenue.

One key capability launched in Summer ’13 is the inclusion of pages and tabs driven by Site.com in a community. This allows IT departments to delegate the creation and maintenance… Continue reading

Building Mobile Apps for Portal Users

Back in February, I blogged about how web applications can use OAuth to obtain a token and access the Force.com API on behalf of Portal users; I’ve had a couple of questions on how to build mobile apps that do the same, so here are the details. Continue reading

Getting Started with Chatter in Apex

Developerforce Ninjas

One of the cool features we went over in the Spring ’13 Developer Preview webinar was Chatter in Apex. Connect in Apex, also known as the Connect API, exposes Chatter API resources as objects in Apex to build native custom Chatter integrations on Force.com. Chatter in Apex extends current functionality of accessing Chatter data using Apex, and exposes Chatter data in a simpler way. Check out this post to see how to get started building your own customizable feed. Continue reading