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App Foundations: The Data Model

You have probably heard that the Salesforce1 Platform is the fastest path from idea to app. I have been working with the Salesforce platform over the last seven years as a customer, admin, in salesforce.com customer support, and as a sales engineer, and I have seen over and over how fast app development can be. […]

The Admin Setup: It’s A Small World After All

The Force.com admin setup menu can be overwhelming at first; however, just like a new city seems smaller as you learn your way around, so does the admin setup. This article outlines the setup briefly and contains a short video that gives a brief overview of: how to navigate the setup tree, how to get the most use out of the Force.com setup homepage, and where to find key elements for app development.

Chatter Bubbles, and more in the Chatter Dev Zone

Bubble ratings

The Chatter Dev Zone is great place to collaborate. Chatter Bubbles, one of the sample apps included was written to provide an quick place to add customizations. I'm going to take some time this week to write some more. Are you?