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Oct 19: Free Code Consultation Sign-ups for Cloudforce NY

Since the Code Consultations at Dreamforce ’12 were jam packed, I have decided to make the Code Consultations part of the Developer Zone at Cloudforce NY on October 19. The consultation will provide you help architecting or coding your application, as well as get technical help with building applications in the cloud. Reserve you private 1-on-1 code consultation with a Force.com expert.

Spots are going fast, so reserve now!… Continue reading

Ready, Set, Go! Launching Nine India Sub-Continent Salesforce Platform Developer User Groups

With cloud computing being top of mind for developers in the Indian subcontinent , we are seeing large groups of developers jumping on board to learn about building next generation apps on the Salesforce Platform. The excitement is building up  news with local developer community leaders identifying themselves to lead Salesforce Platform Developer User Groups in Bangalore, New Delhi, Sri Lanka, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Kochi and Chennai.

Are you an individual developer who is interested in building apps on the Salesforce Platform, wants to dive deep into the Salesforce Platform or would like build your future career on… Continue reading

Creating Mobile Apps with PhoneGap and Database.com


PhoneGap enables developers to leverage their existing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills to create natively-installed mobile applications on multiple platforms that consume Web services such as Force.com and Database.com. Learn how to leverage PhoneGap in your next project. Continue reading

Developing Hybrid Apps with the Salesforce Mobile SDK

The hybrid mobile app development model allows developers to quickly create mobile apps with web technologies. A new Developer Force article, ‘Developing Hybrid Apps with the Salesforce Mobile SDK’, walks you through creating a hybrid app that accesses the device camera and uploads photos to database.com. Continue reading

A Day of Coding in the Cloud at Cloudstock London – Do Not Miss Out!

The excitement for the CloudStock London Developer event is building. It is an amazing experience, you do not want to miss. Here’s a quick guide to what developers can expect on May 22. Continue reading

What’s in the Spring ’12 Platform Release?


Want to learn more about the upcoming Spring ’12 Release of Force.com and Database.com? Preview information for developers is now available.

We’ve just published a number of new pages on Developer Force that will help you learn about the new and updated development features in the upcoming Spring ’12 Release for Force.com and Database.com. For a quick overview, read the developer summary page for the Spring ’12 Release, which has several links that you can use to jump to more detailed information about key new developer features. For complete information, take a look at the complete Spring ’12 Release… Continue reading

Mobile SDK Getting Started Articles Now Live


Santa has come early for mobile developers. Two new Getting Started articles are now live on http://developer.force.com/mobilesdk Continue reading

Force.com IDE Update for Winter ’12

Force.com IDE

The Winter ’12 release of the Force.com IDE now supports Database.com and the latest Force.com platform features (aka API v23.0). It’s available as a downloadable installer or through an Eclipse update site. Please go here for complete information… Continue reading

Using the Database.com Java SDK

If you’re a Java developer reading this blog (i.e. you have some interest in the Force.com platform), you’ve probably heard of Java on Heroku – one the biggest announcements at this year’s Dreamforce. You can now “slip the surly bonds” of your local J2EE app server by deploying your Java apps to Heroku and taking advantage of all the benefits that a polygot PAAS platform like Heroku provides. Java on Heroku has deservedly gotten a lot of attention and press and if you’re interested in learning more, check out this great Dreamforce session recording by the very esteemed James Ward… Continue reading

Let There Be Light

With the Winter Release ’12 of Database.com comes the general availability of a “Light” user license. What is a Database.com Light license? For those new to Database.com, perhaps this question is best answered in the broader context of Database.com security.

When you configure a Database.com security policy, you’ll start by building user profiles. The available permissions you can configure for a profile depend on the user license you associate with the profile.

For example, system administrator profiles use the Database.com Admin license, the only type of license that provides access to powerful, system-level access controls. Non-administrator profiles use… Continue reading