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Salesforce Developer Skills Lead to Dream Job


When David Liu emailed Marc Benioff for a Dreamforce pass, he didn’t expect an answer. Now, he’s a Salesforce Architect at Google. Continue┬áreading

Developer Certification Bliss at Dreamforce 2013

Get Cloud Certified

Get Your Cert On

This year’s DevZone is the best yet for developers who are pursuing Force.com certification at any level. With a variety of workshops, trainings, and sessions focused on helping you walk away from Dreamforce knowing what you need to do to get on the path to certification.

Just as a reminder, the developer certification path includes Developer, Advanced Developer, and Technical Architect certification, in other words all of the blue badges in the figure above. For details on each of these, you’ll want to visit the salesforce.com Certification website.

Please note that… Continue┬áreading

Resolve to Elevate Your Cloud Career in 2013


As we say goodbye to 2012 and look forward to 2013, no doubt you’re thinking about the goals and new skills you want to tackle in the New Year. We have a few suggestions for you and we’re giving away t-shirts to kick off the New Year! Continue┬áreading