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Move over Red Sox, the Force.com crew is heading to Boston for a double-header

Next week, the Force.com crew is heading to my old home town, Boston for a double-header bigger than the big green monster at Fenway. First up, we have a Developer Meetup the evening of July 13th, in Waltham. As usual, we break these evenings up in to two tracks: one focused on new Force.com developers, […]

Chatter API webinar recording & FAQ now available

Last week Logan Henriquez, Chatter API PM and I presented the Chatter REST API developer webinar. IF you attended the webinar, you would have seen that how much easier this API is when developing social apps for any platform. As promised, we have posted the webinar recording and the FAQ which was composed of all […]

What’s more important, re-use, or time to market?


If you ask me, re-use in software engineering is over-rated. Before I get flamed for loosing my mind, let me explain by posing a question: What is more important, re-use or time to market?

Nike+. Tough Mudder. Force.com – The Summer of APIs is here.


The Summer of APIs is here. It's time to soak up those creative rays and look at some creative examples of how APIs can create some truly game changing solutions.

Message Segments in the Chatter API


Next weeks Chatter API Developer Webinar is going to contain a LOT of code and some cool sample apps. One of the features we will be discussing is a feature called Message Segments which allow you to write come code to dynamically create UI on any device.

Chatter REST API Webinar June 28th


Come join Logan Henriquez and I for the Chatter REST API developer webinar on June 28th. Aside from lots of code and cool demos, we are going to cover a few different use cases on where the Chatter REST API really changes how the social enterprise works

The secret to Mobile development success in the Cloud


What are some of the secrets to mobile development success in the Cloud? Some are obivious. They are explicit and easily identified. But what about the implicit requirements? Can you identify them?

Mobile Cloud Apps. Next generation mashups?


Next Tuesday, May 31st, salesforce.com is hosting the Mobile Meetup group in our San Mateo office. Help us redefine mashups in the Cloud2 era. (and maybe play a little Farmville at the same time)

Generating valid self signed certificates for localhost development


Recently upgraded your Ruby version and had troubles with your self-signed certs, or looking for some simple instructions on creating valid self signed certificates for localhost development? Here are a few tips to get you up and running again.

Using the Chatter REST API to build a Rails3 jQuery Mobile app


I decided to take the Chatter REST API---available in pilot during Summer '11 pre-release, and developer preview at GA---for a spin and built a Rails3 + jQuery mobile app deployed on Heroku.