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Winter ’13: Using Apex and SOQL with Geolocation

With Winter ’13, you can tag, query and manipulate your data easily based on location and distance. Let’s take a round trip with this beta feature coming to a sandbox near you soon. Continue┬áreading

Mashing Up the Cloud with Force.com Toolkits

Dreamforce is a great forcing function for the Force.com Developer Evangelism team – an excuse to finish off a couple of side projects and make them fit for human consumption. For example, back in the spring, I did a proof of concept of a Force.com Toolkit for SimpleGeo, the geo-location web service – an Apex wrapper for the SimpleGeo REST API. Since native JSON parsing didn’t make it into the Summer ’11 release, and the Apex JSONObject in the Apex Library project, while functional, quickly hits the script statement limit when parsing more than a few kB of data, I… Continue┬áreading