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Getting Started on Salesforce1 Platform with an “Hour of Code”


This week is Computer Science Education Week, and is an annual program dedicated to inspiring K-12 students interests in computer science. My question to you is, why does this need to stop at kids? Why can’t it also be people looking to change careers, grow their current skill set, or simply gain experience in a new technology? Short answer, it can! And just like happy shouldn’t be limited to an hour, computer science education can far extend just this week… Read this blog to find getting started material on various forms of development like point-and-click development, mobile, integration, and more! Continue reading

The New Era of Cloud Application Developers

The new era of software developers is here, and the prerequisites to get started are simply recognizing the problems you want to solve and having the desire to solve them. “I don’t know how to program software” is no longer an excuse to write off building cloud applications for your business. You can now point and click your way to effective business solutions. Continue reading