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Salesforce1 Cures the App Boogie Fever

App Boogie Fever!

Developer Evangelists Samantha Ready and Pat Patterson dress up and have some fun showing you how to build a Salesforce1 mobile app, including geolocation and photo capture, in just 30 minutes. Continue reading

Uploading Photos to Chatter Files with HTML5

Is it possible to use the PhoneGap APIs to capture image data in Salesforce1? No, but you CAN achieve the same end with the HTML5 File API and create a page that will work pretty much anywhere… Continue reading

Getting Started with Mobile Design Templates

Learn how to build great looking web and hybrid mobile apps using the new Mobile Design Templates. This article walks through the basics of using the design templates to build an HTML5 mobile app in Visualforce. Continue reading

What’s Hot in Summer 13

Summer '13 Webinar

It’s always hot in the summertime, and Ryan and I tried to heat it up a notch by spreading the word on all the new things coming out in the Summer ’13 release. If you missed it but you want to see the full show, you can find the recording on youtube. We covered a lot out of the release notes in a little less than an hour, but I’ll give you the cliff’s notes version here. Continue reading

Tom Gersic on the Mobile SDK’s SmartStore

Snuck into the office of Model Metrics to talk SmartStore with Tom Gersic before his upcoming webinar with Shawna Wolverton on Painless Mobile Applications. Check out the interview and some more details on how SmartStore works to keep your offline data encrypted for your mobile applications. Continue reading

Developing Cross-Device HTML5 Apps Using Visualforce

Quick poll before we begin. What device are you reading this blog post on? Desktop? Smartphone? Perhaps an iPad? A Blackberry Playbook? (just kidding!) I happen to be lucky in that I don’t have to do anything different in my writing to support all these different devices and form factors.

Its not that simple however if you’re building a modern Web application for the Social Enterprise. We’re living in a post-PC world where in the most recent quarter, Apple’s total revenue from its iPhone business alone (not even counting iPads) was greater than Microsoft’s total revenue for the quarter. With… Continue reading

Mobile SDK Webinar Recording and Code

Last week, Eugene Oksman and I presented a webinar on the new Salesforce Mobile SDK. The SDK lets you develop mobile applications for Force.com and Database.com and the webinar included a high-level overview of the current mobile landscape, our mobile strategy going forward, and how to use the Mobile SDK to develop web and hybrid mobile applications. A recording of the webinar is now available. We’ve also posted the slides and compiled an FAQ based on the questions we received during the webinar. The only missing piece is the code that I demoed during the webinar. The code is available on… Continue reading



It’s time for some Fricandy – Eye candy for your Friday with HTML5, CSS3, and Force.com. Grab the package, and enjoy the gooey goodness Continue reading

Visual Contacts with Visualforce & CSS3

Visual Contacts

Visualforce is a fantastic container for other web libraries and frameworks such as jQuery, CSS3, and HTML5. Here is a unique way to display Contacts within Salesforce.com Continue reading

Got HTML5, touch, geo-aware Force.com apps? I say so!


Trying my hand at some touch, mobile, geo-aware HTML5 apps using Force.com and the Sencha Framework. Continue reading