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How Salesforce1 Can Help Developers in India Become Mobile Developers

Salesforce Developer Salary Survey

After travelling across India I learned that unlike web development skills, developers in india don't have much skills around mobile development. This blog shows how they can leverage Salesforce1 and quickly become mobile developers and start getting those contracts from clients.

Thank You, India Developer Week

Last week marked my first trip to India and an inaugural tour for us to get up close and personal with the Force.com community there. I got all sorts of advice before heading out to India: what to eat, what not to eat, what not to drink, where to go, what to ride in, what not to ride in, what to wear, what to spray on, how to avoid malaria, what immunizations to get and where to stay. But no amount of advice could really ready me for the response we got from developers in India.

Ready, Set, Go! Launching Nine India Sub-Continent Salesforce Platform Developer User Groups

With cloud computing being top of mind for developers in the Indian subcontinent , we are seeing large groups of developers jumping on board to learn about building next generation apps on the Salesforce Platform. The excitement is building up  news with local developer community leaders identifying themselves to lead Salesforce Platform Developer User Groups […]

Calling on all India developers! Help us complete our 2-minute India developer survey

Building a strong India developer community is important to us. The Developer Force website and community is the place to learn, grow, fix issues, and find inspiration on the Force.com platform. As a valued community member, we want to hear from you about our program and events. Your feedback will help the Developer Force team build a better India […]